Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Returning back to the National Gallery of Art, this painting caught my eye because of the way Emanual de Witte used light to create The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam. It sent my imagination stiring_how would I handle this light as a found image photographer.

©2017 Steve Borichevsky

If you go over to the site to learn more about this painting, which I hope you do, you will learn that “Most of De Witte’s churches can be identified as buildings that still dominate the cityscapes of Delft and Amsterdam, yet in his paintings he often combined architectural elements in imaginative and fanciful ways.” As I was looking over the significance of the painting, my attention was drawn to the lower left corner. Well, okay. I wonder if he got stiffed on his commission for the painting.

©2017 Steve Borichevsky

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Margaret Adamson said...

Fabulous. I am just posting about my tip to Amsterdam so hope you may pop in to see some shots. I am sorry these days I do not have the same time to comment on all your posts due to recent events but I appreaciae you posts and your comments on mine.

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