Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park

When I was in Colorado, I had an opportunity to scamper up to Rocky Mountain National Park. As [bad] luck would have it, the lighting was very flat. But I didn’t care. I was in Colorado.

©2016 Steve Borichevsky

I drove up the road to the continental divide. I was at 11,200 feet and my head was spinning a bit.

©2016 Steve Borichevsky

It was the end of October. The birds were at lower elevations, the pica and marmots are already hibernating. I did not see elk (wapiti) or bighorn sheep. I did see one very large mule deer, Stellar’s Jay, Mountain Chickadee, Pigmy Nuthatch and a Clark’s Nutcracker.

©2016 Steve Borichevsky


Roy Norris said...

Very scenic Steve. I can see why you were happy to be there.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

11,000 feet... no wonder your head was spinning!! Beautiful shots, and I'm guessing the entire area will be under a thick blanket of snow soon.

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