Saturday, January 30, 2016

I’m still kicking! and a great Great Egret. (And what the hell google?)

Phew, that was a long, long trip! We started out in Phoenix, Arizona for a long weekend and wound up in Palm Spring, California for a week. After that I was “snow birding” in Florida. My expectation was to be back at the first of the year but too much of a good thing is not a bad thing.

Fortunately I was able to pack a little gear and managed to get out to do a bit of shooting. After all, I am at my happiest when I have a camera pressed up against my face.

So I came back and found that the workflow that I have been using for so long is totally broken. Yes, Google broke the connection between Windows Live Writer and Blogger and now I'm using the Blogger editor. It is like using a stone ax to chop down a sequoia.

If I may ask, how are you publishing to Blogger?


Carol Mattingly said...

Beautiful photos. I've never used the writer you use. I always use blogpost directly. If that makes sense. Carol

Steve Borichevsky said...

Thanks Carol. It does.I'll have to see if I can resurrect my old formatting notes.

Roy Norris said...

An amazing bird Steve.
Yes I post straight on blogger using the Compose Tab.

Kelly said...

...sounds like an amazing trip! Sun, warmth and birds...looking forward to see what you post from your trip.

Steve, I use the editor that comes with blogspot.

John eos shooter said...

Great blog, nice sharp pictures! Gr. John from Holland.

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