Friday, September 4, 2015

Christ’s Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yesterday I showed you something rather fun. Today I will not be so silly. This is the inside of Christ’s Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly is a very important city in the history of the United States. It was here that our Founding Fathers tried to iron out our differences with The Crown, and ultimately unable to preserve their rights as British subjects, made the decision to sever political ties.

It was in this church that George Washington and Ben Franklin worshiped.

©2015 Steve Borichevsky

This was George Washington’s presidential pew. Yes, I actually sat here just to say that I sat where George Washington sat.  Later, John Adams was allowed the use of this pew when he became the second president of the United States.

©2015 Steve Borichevsky

And this was the Franklin’s Family pew.

©2015 Steve Borichevsky


Margaret Adamson said...

How wonderful to see inside this fabulous church and great that you got sitting where once your President's at.

Silver Parrot said...

So cool to see a bit of our history. A trip to see some of the historical sites associated with our nation's founding is on my bucket list.

Bob Pelkey said...

There are too few pics in this post, Steve.

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