Saturday, June 14, 2014

Piping Plovers in the news

Piping Plover 5-26-2009 10-55-52 AM

I did a search this morning “piping plover boston globe”. The search results yielded something interesting. Every June, you can set you calendar by it, there is an article about Revere Beach and the Piping Plovers. In typical yellow dog journalism, there has to be controversy and bad information. Alas, it’s what papers are all about.

References to people being up in arms, bumper stickers saying that “Piping Plovers taste like chicken” and how all the people in Revere are against the piping plover because 500 feet of the people’s beach is fenced off littered my screen.

I don’t read the papers and I don’t watch the news. Therefore I may uninformed, but I’m certainly not misinformed. It’s not keeping my head in the sand, no I do pay attention to what’s going on around me and I prefer to do my own thinking…thank you very much. More and more of the media companies are being owned by fewer and fewer giant businesses. Stories are decided before any reporter is dispatched. Political opinions are bought and sold. A dangerous environment is created because it servers twisted political purposes and it sells papers.

It used to be a custom to wrap fish in newspapers. That tradition has pretty much ended, and thank goodness. I don’t like getting all that stink on my fish.

Well, I say, lets end the controversy and just wipe the bastards out and be done with it. The editors and reporters, not the plovers.

Up here in Ipswich, I go to Cranes Beach. It’s a very popular beach and is managed for wildlife. I’ve never heard one person walk up to a plover and say, “Dude, you’re in my spot.” Quite frankly, the folks know that the plovers are there and are quite respectful. But then, we don’t have dumbass reports coming this far north. It’s too far from the teat.

Piping Plover 5-26-2009 10-57-50 AM

Piping Plover 5-26-2009 10-57-09 AM

Every (and I do mean every) news story that I have had first hand knowledge of has been altered to the worse. I’ve seen honest people degraded, a fallen tree look turned into the greatest natural disaster of the century and the truth trampled upon.

If you are feeling that life is overwhelming, that it is all dangerous out there and the world is going pot then try this. Turn off the news and stop reading the paper for a three weeks. See if your outlook on life improves.


Frank said...

Steve, we are two of a kind. I can't recall when I read a paper, front to back! The media is only interested in making money so the real issues ie. conservation, biodiversity and world overpopulation rarely get a mention.

Nice to know your local Piping Plovers are well catered for.

Roy Norris said...

Beautiful bright images Steve.
Most papers are crap. Which leads me to my next comment. I can recall a time in my childhood when newspapers were used for something unconnected with wrapping fish Steve. Perhaps that was a good away of expressing ones self.{:))

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

What a great rant. Well done. I too read no newspapers, listen to a classical music radio station that has no news reporting and watch very little TV and that that I do, I've recorded on TIVO and I skip right through all the commercials. This is one of my greatest pleasures when on a road trip - I don't know what is going on in the nation or the world, which may not necessarily be a good thing. I could be driving into a world of hurt, but I'll take my chances as they come. Oh and one more thing...great pictures as always. I especially like that first one.

eileeninmd said...

Lately, I read news on the internet. I love your Piping Plover shots, they are adorable birds. Happy weekend!

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