Friday, June 13, 2014

Forgotten Photo Friday, Fort Square from Smiths Cove

Happy Friday! I know, there’s been a lot of bugs and birds lately. Here’s a little change-up. This is Gloucester looking over at where we lived for six years. We used to call it our “million dollar view” because we looked over at the high end housed in East Gloucester. This is a wonderful little neighborhood where we knew all of our neighbors, actually talked to each other and shared our successes and sorrows. It is in the marine industrial zoned area, but big business and hungry politicians have a way of trampling the little guy ensuring that there will no longer be places like this where the little guy can still live on the waterfront.

Fort Square from Smiths Cove 6-23-2008 9-31-24 AM 6-23-2008 9-33-02 AM

1 comment:

Kelly said...

…beautiful, misty view. I like the atmosphere you've captured with this one.

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