Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some recent birds

I’m getting way behind in my posting. Usually this time of year I struggle to get material. This year have provided a bounty of images. Sunday morning I shot our female Downy Woodpecker.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky

On of our Dark-eyed Juncos having a bad feather day.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

This is a Snowy Owl that I shot at dusk. There is just a slight wash of color in the sky as the sun sinks low.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky


Arija said...

Love that twilight shot of the Snowy Steve!

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Steve ALL 3 shots are great and I can see it is still snowing with you. NO snow here at present!!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Lovely birds.. Regards..

Roy Norris said...

Beautiful shots of the Downy Steve.

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