Sunday, January 5, 2014

Desert Bluebells from Palm Springs, California

There is an aerial tram that goes up into the mountains over the north end of Palm Springs. I was out exploring and decided to take a drive up there early one morning. I stopped to get a scenic shot and discovered a cluster of desert Canterbury bells. At least that is what I think they are. Just as a word of warning if you are researching desert bluebells or Canterbury bells, I may not be your best resource. Never-the-less I’m happy with the shot of the tram car and was pleased to find some flowers because late December is not a good time for wildflowers in this region.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

©2013 Steve Borichevsky©2013 Steve Borichevsky

If someone does happen along and knows exactly what these are, I’d appreciate a comment.

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John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I just had a neighbor ask me yesterday about the flower bloom in the deserts him knowing I am a desert nut. I told him it wouldn't be very likely with this drought going on yet here you find a few doing quite well. Nice to see.

Dave said...

Lovely post Steve, superb backdrop to the cab.....

Kelly said...

...these are beautiful. I love the color!

Shaun Gibbs said...

I love that first image, it is spectacular. especially with the striking difference in the color of the cart to the mountain.

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