Friday, December 27, 2013

Forgotten Photo Friday, Bath time for the Common Eiders

If you ever spent much time watching birds you may have noticed one thing…bath time is contagious. Once one starts splashing around, they all join in. One wouldn’t think that a duck would need a bath, but they need to keep their feathers in tiptop condition. Bathing flushes out foreign material and helps align the structures of the feathers.

One of the oddest bathing episodes I witnessed was three male Bobolinks, a very competitive bird species if ever there was one, cooperate at at a bath spot. Male Bobolinks will chase each other out of their territories and compete for females by chasing them down when ever one is spotted. In this case, one male started splashing and two others came by. They took turns standing watch and once bath time was over, it was “back to business”.

Common Eider 2-28-2010 10-37-56 AM

Common Eider 2-28-2010 10-35-18 AM

Common Eider 2-28-2010 10-34-20

Common Eider 2-28-2010 10-33-17 AM

Common Eider 2-28-2010 10-27-40 AM


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Great pictures ... Happy holidays and happy new year.. Regards..

bunnits said...

Wonderful photos. Thanks so much. We don't get eiders here in Alabama.

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