Friday, December 14, 2012

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

I cannot help it. That is what has been going through my mind for the last few weeks. So long, and thanks for all the fish. I came to Gloucester a little over six years ago. I had been in Colorado for 16 years and economics forced me to leave my wife back in Colorado and I took a job in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I was there for a year alone in a two bedroom apartment with a mattress, a tooth brush, a pot, a pan and a 14” TV. We were waiting for the house to sell.

In August of 2006, I got a call for an interview. I had my first meal at the Morning Glory Café. I had the crab cakes. They were good, so I took the job. I was making enough to bring Becky out with me and we left the house to sell. It was the start of the housing bubble burst. We saw it coming as early as 2004. It took us another six months. Good thing, too. Right after that, the shit hit the fan.

Gloucester Harbor 005

We looked at a few places, but none were suitable. Either they were too funky or the landlord was too funky. We drove into the Fort Square community. What wen through my mind was, “Let’s just look at this place and move on.”

Fort Square 4-25-2009 12-31-18 PM

But as we came around the front of The Fort, and saw the harbor, we decided to stay. The apartment was spacious and the landlords are good people. And just as important, it has been a really wonderful place to live.


So for six years, we have lived on the Fort. We know our neighbors. We have friends. We have celebrated births and mourned deaths.

Outward Bound

But it is time to move on.

Fort Square 10-1-2009 5-48-10 PM

The apartment is starting to get to be too small, but finding another cool place to live has been challenging. As we tried to look for another place, and we looked for over nine months, we often abandoned our search and decided to stay. We just couldn’t find another good place.

Birdseye plant, Fort Square 8-16-2008 6-43-45 PM

But now, it is time to move. We have found a new home two towns over, closer to Becky’s work. I will still work in Gloucester. I’m fortunate that I still have neighbors that work for the same company.

As far as SMU goes, I’ll keep it going as best as I can during the transition. You’ll more than likely see some photos from the past that were not shown. Perhaps some repeats. But I’ve posted over 1700, not even I remember everyone! But we have an old home to pack and a new one to set up. There’s a lot to do.

Exciting times!


Kerri said...

Congrats on the new home!! And Best of Luck!!

Roy Norris said...

Good luck with the move Steve and we look forward to all the new images that you take in the future.

Cheri said...

I love the little town you live in, it is so quaint. Hope you send pictures of your new future home! God Bless you on your new adventure.

Frank said...

Hi Steve. I have very much enjoyed all the views and wildlife from in and around Gloucester. Good luck with the move to your new abode. Best wishes to you and Becky.

cindyzlogic said...

Congratulations and best wishes! I enjoy your blog and photographs!

N1TOX said...

Yo Bro, your only 2 towns out and the great photos will always be there. The transition will be a little rough until, but you find your groove and then things will be back to normal. Maybe the studies will be a bit different, but I bet the sea will be calling!! Best to you and B for a Great Holiday Season. Dinner is waiting for you..

bunnits said...

Best wishes with the move. Packing and unpacking and settling in is not one of my favorite things. I hope all goes smoothly. Looking forward to great photos when you get the time.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

I was an Air Force brat and moved every couple of years until I turned 30. Now I've been in one place for 20 years. I love my community and my house, but often long for the adventure of a fresh move. I hope your new year brings great adventures and many memories. God bless.

Arija said...

Commiserations.I hate moving and it looks like I too will be forced into it. I love it on the farm but grandchildren are grown up and going in different directions and there will be no-one left to run it. My husband is in a nursing home and being har away in the country is not viable.
I am certain you will be happy in your new place, who would not be with an osprey nest to watch!
I will miss your storm shots of the lighthouse though.

Have a very Happy Christmas in your new nest.

PS Steve, I could not remember what photos I had posted or not so now I mark posted photos with a little asterisk.

Judy said...

Love that last photo - I think it is the colour of the sky that entrances me!!
Good luck with the new location!!

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