Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plum Island Light

Just a little photo study of the Plum Island Light for today. Enjoy.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

©2012 Steve Borichevsky


Anonymous said...

Your photos make me miss living in Massachusetts ;( so different from Florida!

Kerri said...

OH, you always "GET" me with the Lighthouses!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Carol Mattingly said...

Oh but for those blue hydrangeas and that gorgeous lighthouse!!! Carol

Whitemist said...

the first view is the most "inspirational" to me, thanks!

Powell River Books said...

I love lighthouses, and the flowers are magnificent. - Margy

Steve Borichevsky said...

Hi Danielle,
Sorry you miss living in Mass. The door is always open and you can always do the "snowbird" thing! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Kerri and Carrol,
It has been quite a while since I've posted a lighthouse. The flowers make for a different shot. Glad you both like.

Hi Whitemist...time to dig out the pait brushes?

Hello Margy of Powell River Books,
You have a pretty cool blog!

betty said...

What a relief to see the lovely lighthouse and beautiful flowers. I though you might be photoing with the bulls in Pamplona. Aloha.

Kay said...

I really love the shots with the flowers in the foreground. Those would make great calendar or jigsaw pictures.

Roy said...

The third is my favourite Steve, only because the flowers are colour co-ordinated with the sky.{:)

Steve Borichevsky said...

No bulls, Betty, no bulls.

Not a bad idea, Kay, all those blues would make it a challenge.

I agree, Roy, It stopped me in my tracks when I was walking by.

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