Friday, June 29, 2012

Forgotten Photo Friday, Marbled Godwits

Happy Friday. From the archive dive this week, I’ve dredged up some shots of Marbled Godwits taken in December of 2009 in Santa Cruz, California. Enjoy!

Marbled Godwit 12-28-2008 4-03-27

Marbled Godwit 12-28-2008 4-10-42 PM

Marbled Godwit 12-28-2008 4-14-03 PM

Marbled Godwit 12-28-2008 4-15-05 PM


Carol Mattingly said...

Steve, absolutely beautiful. I love this shore bird more so than others simply because of its long bill. You captured them with the white sand and it's all so soft and gorgeous. Carol

Frank said...

Great shots Steve.

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