Saturday, April 21, 2012

Forgotten Photo Saturday?

Yes, Forgotten Photo Saturday. Why, well, I was away on business this past week. I was going to take the red-eye home Thursday night and the plan was to muddle through Friday and carry on with life as unusual.

When I got to the terminal Thursday night the flight board said “ON TIME” and when I got to the gate my air plane was there, engines running and boarding should start in about a half hour.  It all looked good until an announcement was made that the captain wanted to get the cockpit door fixed before we boarded. It seems that it could not be opened from the inside.

It got to be about 10:00 and an announcement was  made that the door was in pieces and they needed a part. It needed to come down from San Francisco and we should be up in the air by 2:00 am.

At 1:00 am they announced that the part couldn’t be located and they would need to bring on up from Long Beach, CA. Okay, well San Francisco is a large airport, San Jose (where I was flying out from) is a small airport. Long Beach is a tiny airport. Who would have thunk to check Long Beach because they didn’t have the part in San Francisco?

At 1:30 they announced the flight was canceled.

Why? Well it isn’t because of poor inventory control system, bad logistics and bad designs, it is because we all cannot get along and some people feel it is easier to catch flies with shit rather than honey.

My point? We have terrorist. Terrorist rely on “the media” to draw attention to their causes. The media profit because it sells papers and air time. The public feels that they must be informed on world events and become addicted the violence and disasters. Thus the terrorists feel that they can accomplish their objective with the assistance of the media and the media, fools that they are, gobble it up and sell their add space.

I do not watch mainstream news. Why? It’s all violence, sex scandals, disasters and criminality. Is this they way our society normally functions? No. What the media does is create a dangerous environment that actually keeps society depressed and in fear. And the news stories that I have had first hand knowledge of were always exaggerated and twisted and always to the worsen the news.

I challenge anyone to stop watching the 6:00 news, stop reading the papers for a month and see that your attitude about life doesn’t start to improve. Yes, there is violence, hatred, disasters and criminality in the world. But is is not the totality of life and existence.

It is not that you should turn a blind eye to the world, no that is not the point. My point is that you cannot think for yourself if you are hypnotized. And believe me, all that crap coming into your living rooms and onto your breakfast tables is altering your perceptions of what is really important in life.

And if you do not believe that the media is more interested in promoting crap and selling adds than creating a better civilization, then let me ask you this. Did you ever see a reporter, camera man or even one of their drivers ever stop to lend assistance at a disaster sight? No, not even a band aid.

Thus, we have security locks on cockpit doors to prevent things like 9-11 because the terrorists count on attention from the media and get it. If the media weren’t suckers, the terrorists wouldn’t get the attention and cockpit doors wouldn’t need to be locked and therefore that malfunction wouldn’t be possible and my flight would have been on time and we would have had Forgotten Photo Friday.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. Friday, I saw a Hawaiian Air air plane tail and it reminded me of the very last photo I took on our Hawaii trip.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

Thus, we have Forgotten Photo Saturday…which doesn’t sound as cool, but I had an ax to grind.


Roy said...

Axe suitably sharpened Steve. We have the BBC that is supposed to be objective and impartial. Thats a laugh!!.
You could be forgiven for thinking that some parts of it are very left wing.
ITV and SKY are far more even handed. All of them concentrate on the less important things at times though.

Chris said...

Excellent that picture Steve. The tail of the plane is wonderful!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Well said does not even come close. My thoughts exactly. I'm catching up on the few blogs that matter since being away. Glad I scrolled on down to this post. This is one of the reasons I love to hit the road. I leave all the headlines and media drama crap behind in my rear view mirror. I don't watch the news or get a newspaper but the Internet throws these tidbits at you all the time and I occasionally get sucked in resulting in discontent and a slight case of depression. I am saving what you wrote for future use. Hope you don't mind. Well done! John

Denise said...

It's a beautiful photo, we've just been talking on how much we would like to go back to Hawaii. Very interesting post. I don't watch main stream news programs any more or read a lot of newspapers. Sorry you had your flight cancelled. Having to wait around for all that time only to be told no flight must have been very frustrating.

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