Monday, January 2, 2012

Herring this ‘n’ that

It’s been tough getting out to get fresh materials, I’ve been down with the flu during critical shooting hours, family commitments (always important) and uncooperative weather.

So, pardon me as I go into the past to find some hidden gems for the next few days as I get my photographic life in order.

This is kind of a herring this ‘n’ that photo. Herring, herring pump, herring boat, herring gulls…you get the idea. This is from the State Fish Pier hear in Gloucester. The weather was foggy. I love how the yellows just popped through.

Fishing, Herring, State Fish Pier 4-21-2009 10-16-36 AM


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

The flu? And what kind soul gave you that as a Christmas gift? Take care and get well soon.

Merisi said...

Very interesting picture, never get to see such interesting scenes around here (only the weather these days is just as misty as in your picture)!

Take good care of yourself, a flu is not to be taken lightly.

Carol Mattingly said...

I love the way the yellows pop too Steve. Stop by sometime. I'm going to try and keep things interesting even though "it's winter". Carol

The Sweetest Days said...

Sorry you're feeling so miserable Steve. It sure does seem to be going around!

I remember standing in that exact spot with my husband ... and him complaining about the smell. LOL! I said, 'What smell?' He's not a native new englander, obviously.

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