Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Ruddy Ducks

We are on the very northern edge of the Ruddy Duck’s eastern winter range. I’m more familiar with these ducks from out west. Out there in the breading season, the males will be, well, ruddy red and have a cerulean blue bill. 

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

Ruddy ducks are small, about 15 inches and love to stay well out of camera range.

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Roy said...

There has been an official cull of this species in UK Steve, apparently something to do with them hopping over to Spain and causing problems with the White headed duck in Spain and cross breeding which was destroying that species.
The RD is an interloper from the States apparently, much like the Grey Squirrel.

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