Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Vineyard Photo Study

We stopped by Kunde Family Estate in Kenwood, California. What I have for you is a photo study of how the light plays on the vineyard at different times of the day. These photos were shot over two days in with the same weather conditions.

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

The light of the early morning rises an breaks over the hill.

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

During midday, the light is strong and vibrant. This is the entrance to the wine cave. Inside the cave is 32,000 square feet of 58F wine aging at 78% humidity. This is ideal for aging the wine. (Yes, I want one.)

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

The same shot, latter in the day as the sun begins to set.

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

Finally, it is time to go.

©2011 Steve Borichevsky

I would have stayed a bit longer, however I was without a tripod and the exposures were getting to be too long for handheld photography.

Oh, in case you are wondering, the bird box is for owls.


Carol Mattingly said...

Gorgeous yellows and gorgeous vineyard photos. Carol

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I am not a wine drinker but my wife is. She says they make one of the better wines (red wine) of the Valley of the Moon wineries.

Roy said...

Wow! such colouring. I can see where they get the images for the Californian wine bottle labels.
Those brown and orange leaves.

Joan said...

Gorgeous! If you are every in NYS Finger Lakes region, you can see a similar vineyard built into the ground under a bridge too.

It is in Lodi half way up/down the east side of Seneca Lake. The Finger Lakes would be a nice place for relaxing and photography. We visited in October and stayed at The Three Tree Inn in Geneva. Marcia and Paul treat you royally in their 3 room B&B. Lots of wineries to visit and taste NYS Reislings, the variety it is well recognized for. Be sure to stop at Zugibes for the wines and the views.

Judy said...

Wow!!It is so interesting to watch the changes in the hill as the sunlight plays over it! I can't choose a favourite, they are all so lovely...

Ed Thralls said...


Fantastics shots! Thanks for visiting and taking these awesome photos & let us know when you plan to visit again

Ed Thralls
Social Media Marketing Manager
Kunde Family Estate

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Wow, such fabulous colors.

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