Sunday, September 11, 2011

On suppression, force and intelligence.

©2011 Steve BorichevskySo long as this flag flies in the name of freedom, kindness and the consideration that all humans are worthy of respect, then we as a nation have a chance to survive.

One cannot sit on a hill a dream that there will be peace while those that desire to suppress are allowed to run unfettered. One must balance force with intelligence. As all force with no intelligence will result in chaos, so will all intelligence with the inability to apply force lead to disaster. One must have a balance and that balance must include the willingness to thwart suppression.

It takes courage, strength and intelligence to be companionate. Do not confuse these with weakness. Do not confuse these traits with with the cowardly behavior of the suppressive.

The true suppressive hides behind the ignorant and stupid while they do his dirty work. And as long as the weak and stupid find succor with the suppressive, then it is the suppressive that has the apparent power.

The suppressive will always select the wrong target. Thus we had 9-11.  We had the Holocaust and dozens of other violations against humanity. In each case, the ignorant and stupid became the instruments of the suppressive. Only a madman will execute a plan that would bring destruction to himself, his family, his friends and to mankind. Thus 9-11 was mad.

We as a nation cannot afford to have illiteracy and stupidity for these are breeding grounds for the suppressive to feed on. These ideas transcend national boundaries and ideologies . These transcend classes, castes and economic levels. The suppressive is only powerful when there are ignorance and stupidity to hide behind.

And of our reaction? We have demonstrated that intelligence must be backed up by force. How intelligent was our reaction? We have survived. But if we only apply force to this problem we will not. Our politicians in Washington toe their party lines while the nation is gripped in two wars and is in a recession. That is ignorance and stupidity.

Man’s only hope is in its ability to respect the human rights of others. That is intelligence. That is pro-survival. The price of freedom is the willingness and ability to fight back. That is balancing force with intelligence. Thus we will all survive.


bunnits said...

As always, thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts. Very moving.

Ali - Scituate Daily Photo said...

Hear, hear.

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