Friday, September 2, 2011

Forgotten Photo Friday Thacher Island

Digging deep into the archives, I found this photo that reminds me that I would be a better landscape photographer if would get up earlier in the morning.

Thacher Island Lights 10-31-2008 7-22-10 AM


ksdoolittle said...

Stunning image, Steve. Prettiest I've ever seen!

bunnits said...

Absolutely beautiful photo, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Today is DAD's 98th birthday. (dadstomatogarden blog) It seems DAD is always up to see the sunrise as he writes his daily blog when most of us are asleep. I think this photo is a perfect birthday wish for him today!
I hope he had a chance to stop by to view it.

Marianne said...

That's a beautiful sunrise, Steve, but sunsets were made for people who don't like to get up early!

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