Friday, September 9, 2011

Forgotten Photo Friday: The Schooner Virginia

Okay, I haven’t forgotten about these photos, but they are getting deeper and deeper in the archives. The following photos were taken in 2008 and 2009.


I’ve heard that the Schooner Virginia has been struggling financially, which is  a shame. The Virginia is a replica of a knockabout schooner, meaning that it does not have a bowsprit. This allows the head sails to be furled and struck from the bow of the ship.

I remember taking these photos of the 122 foot Virginia sailing out of the inner harbor with main sails and jibs full cutting into the wind. This is generally not done with a head wind as the inner harbor is relatively narrow and there is sufficient boat traffic to make the task rather perilous. Yet the captain brought the Virginia out effortlessly and gracefully, providing quite a show. (What a madman!)

Schooner Virginia 8-30-2008 11-27-21 AM

Schooner Virginia 8-30-2008 11-27-44 AM

Schooner Virginia 8-30-2008 11-28-21 AM

This older video clip from YouTube talks about the mission of the Virginia and how it was used as an educational ship. The Captain also talks about a trip to Gloucester.



We haven’t seen the Schooner Virginia in Gloucester for two years now. Little did I know that when I took this shot, it would turn out to be a good by shot. I hope things turn around and we can see this magnificent boat in Gloucester again.

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