Friday, May 13, 2011

Forgotten Photo Friday, Meet The Fishermen from Gloucester

Yup, it’s Friday again. I’m pulling up some shots of three guys that you will see more of in June. It all started last November, I heard a knock on the door. It was friend and neighbor Jimmy T. He’s needed a favor and fills me in on the details. I’ve been sitting on this since November, not able to tell anyone.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, the bean are spilt and the toothpaste is out of the tube. Three local Gloucester Fishermen are headed off for an adventure. What’s this got to do with Jimmy T and a knock on my door? Well, they needed someone to make a DVD to submit, and tag, I was it.

Now those of you that have seen my videos know that I should stick to stills. But I wanted to help the local boys out, and who knows, maybe there would be some fresh haddock in it for me. This clip is an out take from the submission video. Just want to let you know that these three men are the real-deal. I’m waiting for permission to post the submission video, so hopefully I can get that cleared and show you at a later date.

Captain Dominic 11-20-2010 9-13-41 AM

First, is Joe Sanfilippo, International Dory Rower, Tri-athlete and all around good guy.

Captain Dominic 11-20-2010 9-23-07 AM

Next is greasy pole champion and fisherman Nino Sanfilippo.

Captain Dominic 11-20-2010 9-23-24 AM

And Captain of the trawler, Gus Sanfilippo, a man known up and down Maritime New England for being able to get on the fish.

Captain Dominic 11-20-2010 9-23-12 AM

Okay, they ain’t as cute as the Doublemint Twins that came motoring through the front yard last May, but they should make great showing in Expedition Impossible.

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hip-chick said...

Great opportunity for you to get out and hang out with the guys! Your introduction reminded me of the hobbit. Knocks on the door and grand adventures indeed.

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