Thursday, March 24, 2011


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When we returned from vacation, I noticed something was different about Gloucester Harbor. It seems to have gotten a face lift. At sunrise, I saw that the #11 green buoy (above) was replaced by this #10 red buoy seen below bathed in the early morning golden light. There are several new channel markers throughout the harbor.

©2011 ShootingMyUniverse

A late afternoon shot of the Midnight Sun passing by the #10 buoy.

©2011 ShootingMyUniverse


texwisgirl said...

You turn your back for a second and everything changes... That's definitely how life goes...

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Don't green and red buoys represent different directional instructions to those who use waterways, like the colors used for lights on a boat and airplanes, not to mention traffic lights? I wonder what's changed so dramatically in Gloucester Harbor.

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