Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I love this town.

Those of you that stopped by yesterday know that I visited Dogbar Breakwater Saturday morning. The Jupiter II steaming by and took a snap. The skipper waved and I waved back, not thinking much more about it, I went back about my business shooting Purple Sandpipers. (You did see my Purples Sandpiper post yesterday, didn’t you?)

Boat, Jupiter II 12-4-2010 10-35-05 AM

Feeling flush because I got paid on Thursday, I decided to stop at Captain Joe’s on the way back and get a couple of frisky female chickens. (Okay, for you lubbers, a chicken is a small lobster, about a pound or so. And if you cannot tell the difference between a boy and a girl and you don’t know why you may even care, then you need to watch the sex education video below.) And what does frisky have to do with it? Who wants a tail that doesn’t wag? Read into it what ever you want, but a lobster will have some fight in its tail only if it is fresh.


Lobster 12-4-2010 11-21-00 AMWhen I arrived at Captain Joe’s, I ran into the co-owners, Joey and Frank.   “Hi, Joey, got a couple of frisky chickens? Females if you got ‘em.” “Hold on, buddy, I got a boat off-loading.” It was the Jupiter II that I shot about an hour earlier rounding Dogbar! Sweet, you want to talk about eating locally and eating fresh, it doesn’t get any fresher than this! This is Gloucester fresh! Right off Lobster 12-4-2010 11-18-51 AMthe boat, from the fisherman’s tote to  my bag in less that 5 minutes. Damn, I love this town.

What you are looking at here are lobster traps, bait bags, and in between Toby and the stern man are fish racks. These are the bones and heads left over after the fish have been filleted. Fish racks make good lobster bait. The racks are put into the bait bags and the fish oils that leach out are just too irresistible for the lobsters.

My next stop was to the shellfish dealer to get some PEI mussels. I’ve got a bottle of Riesling chilling in the refrigerator. After enough after I got home, there was a knock on the door. Another fisherman that I did a favor for came by with 5 lbs of shrimp! Damn, I love this town!


Anonymous said...

If I had known what was on the menu I would have stopped by. HaHa. Slighty too far for me to travel. Hope your meal was delicious.
Lynda in Michigan.

ksdoolittle said...

Coastal living certainly has it's benefits, doesn't it?? Enjoy your feed! ~karen

Carol Mattingly said...

OMG! Darn you have to love a town like that you lucky guys!!! Carol

Robin said...

Steve, thanks for the lesson on Lobster. Something I never thought of before!
I would have died and gone to heaven with all that seafood about!

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