Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Saturday I went for a walk in Dogtown to check on a American Robin’s nest I foune a week ago.  When I entered the trail I could hear scratching and rustling in the undergrowth.  It was a few White-throated Sparrows foraging.


I was in the woods for about three hours.  Everywhere I went there were White-throated Sparrow digging and scratching.

White-throated Sparrow 5-1-2010 4-51-47 PM

There were hundreds of sparrows everywhere.

White-throated Sparrow 5-1-2010 4-52-43 PM

As an added bonus, I saw three Swamp Sparrows.  I dusted off my life list only to discover that I had already checked it off, probably 20 years ago when I lived in Vermont.  Swamp Sparrows are east coast birds and are not found in Colorado or California.  Still, it is a pretty cool find.

Swamp Sparrow 5-1-2010 4-46-06 PM

I decided to go back Sunday to try to get some better photos. When I arrived the sparrows were ALL GONE! I didn’t see ONE White-throated Sparrow during the three hours that I was in the woods.

Here today, gone tomorrow.


grammie g said...

Sorry you didn't find the sparrow s you wanted to film,but your 2nd photo of the white throat looks like it is posing especially for you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well at least you got to see and photograph them Steve. Good job.

TonyC said...

Lovely shots of the White-throated Steve. My favourite new world sparrow.

cindyzlogic said...

Beautiful photos and post, Steve! I've never seen a White-throated Sparrow before.

Tabib said...

That the way with birds, come and go as they like.
So fireup when we got the opportunity, and you did that nicely.

Eve said...

Those White-throated Sparrows were all at my house 2 weeks or so ago....Man they sure fly fast Steve!! Glad you got to enjoy them! Nice Swamp Sparrow!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Great series! White-throated sparrows are pretty good lookin' little birds. Glad you found them before they decided to bail!

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