Friday, June 26, 2009

Women's Seine Boat Races.

Continuing with the Saint Peter’s Fiesta, this afternoon we had the Women’s Seine Boat Races and the start of the Greasy Pole.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

I will make these photos available to the rowers, friends, family and to not-for-profits. All others bring cash or bottles of good wine.


Jay Albert said...

Great job Steve! You got me several times too...I hope your camera is all right! My boat was to the left of the Greasy Pole with the green top. Glad the rain never showed up.

Kelly said...

...beautiful photos. This must be a lot of fun to watch (and photograph!).

Steve B said...

Jay, you're the Phantom! I thought you may be out there somewhre. Wow, the light must have stunk from where you were.

Hi Kelly, The fun part of it is that I haven't photographed sports events since I was in high school which was back when dirt was born. I love taking candids and this is a great opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, it feels like watching the race in instant replay. We have a daughter who was on the Tru Few boat (front left of boat/pink headband), you got some great photos of her and her crew and we would love to be able to
have copies for her. Thanks for the beautiful photos!
The Lufkin's

Steve B said...

Howdy Lufkins, Check your email. I'm glad I was able to get your daughter. I was trying to get everyone, but conditions were crowded on the beach and made it hard for me to be mobile!

Eve said...

Fantastic photography Steve!

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