Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Watery Wednesday, Visiting a Lobster Pound and the World's Best Lobster Roll.

I hope you have 10 minutes to spend watching this video. Joey Ciaramitaro is a hard working family man that just loves to show people what it is like on the Gloucester waterfront and through his blog, GoodMorningGloucester, introduces us to a lot of the small businesses on Cape Ann. I love his blog and visit daily. He won't own up to it, but he has some creative photography.

I shot this photo of the waterfront of Captain Joe and Sons after I did the interview. I’d like to introduce you to the man in the blue shirt.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

The view from Captain Joe and Sons.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Be sure to check out the spotted lobster on GMG.

To see more work by Mark Teiwes who photographed the Gloucester's Working Waterfront, visit MarkTeiwes.com.

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The Early Birder said...

Great post Steve & very informative interview with Joey and the lobsters.

Anonymous said...

Blogging at work, so no videos are available to view :(

But your photos are fantastic though. Will try to see if I can squeeze some time viewing this at home.

Happy wednesday.

James said...

Really great post. I haven't had lobster in years. It's about time I had some with no celery of course. :-)

Denise said...

Wonderful post and pretty shots of Gloucester. I enjoyed the interview also. Thank you very much.

Jay Albert said...

Good one Steve!
Next thing you know you'll be interviewing for 60 minutes!
Your fellow "guerilla" !

Martha Z said...

Informative, lobsering is not something we know much about here in California.

Kelly said...

Great interview and video!!! ....and I learned a lot too, especially the differences between the male and female lobster. Looks like that was a good deal of work, but worth every minute (especially for us land-locked midwesterners.) Thanks.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A wonderful post and interview Steve. I am not sure how people can eat these things though. :)

Regina said...

Really wonderful. Excellent post.

NatureFootstep said...

looks like vacation to me. Great shots.

hip chick said...

Great photo's. I hope you had a nice dinner after your visit.

Eve said...

I'm so sad Steve. For some reason my DSL has an issue that we need to resolve. I think it's the phone line from the pole to the house...very cheap. A ten minute video turns into 20! Hopefully we'll fix that soon. Even the blogs with larger pictures slow me down quite a bit. :-(

Dawn said...

That was fun..enjoyed the video!
Nice blog..
Please come to our Birders who blog chirp and tweet get together..

srp said...

I love these boats and in the post above... the tugboat. We have a section of the intercoastal waterway and numerous drawbridges in our area. There are three tugboats that tie up near the main bridge I use and I have always wanted to stop and take some pictures... but no parking allowed. Thanks for sharing.

Paul F Frontiero Jr. said...

AWESOME VIDEO! Joey's a true "Gloucesterman"
He's a great asset to our community. I've learned a lot about my Hometown from GMG. Thanks for the interview.
also thanks to linking to my site. Paul

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