Monday, June 15, 2009

The Grinder

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hip chick said...

Wow! I'm not sure I could sit there at all. Talk about a daunting job. Were you in a boat or another dock?

Eve said...

What a great photo Steve!

dAwN said...

Jeff just called me from the other room...said I had to look at Steves latest post..

Beautiful..great composition color.etc..
The boat is smiling...I see u?

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Wow...stunning photo...

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo that provokes questions. I assume he is welding on strips to cover cracks or bad welded joints. But am probably wrong.

Craig Glenn said...

Another great photo Steve! I like, what looks like a ladder to his left. It has red steps, is that a ladder?

Is his name sparky?

Great shot,

Craig Glenn

A New England Life said...

I keep coming back to this photo. There's something about it that's so bold and keeps having me ask myself, 'would I have been that bold to place the grinder in a small slice of the picture?' Somehow I doubt it. But it gets me thinking and I like that.

Seeing something through someone elses eyes can change your whole point of view. This photo does that for me.


Steve B said...

Hi Sharon, Okay, I admit it. I wanted to mess with the rules. : )

Hi Glen, yup, that's a ladder.

Hi Abe, I would hope that they have good, full penetration welds to begin with.

Thanks TBHearts.

Hmmm...dAwN, I guess it is.

Thanks Eve.

Hi Hip Chick, I was on a dock.

Kelly said...

YIKES...I love this photo. It is so interesting. The boat is so huge....great composition. You have a great eye and must always on the look-out for the perfect image.

Martha Z said...

This is great! The red reflection, the ginder, wonderful composition.

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