Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thinking Green in the Vineyard

What are all these dandelions doing in the vineyard? Find out by reading my post, The Way I See It on SmellsLikeGrape where I talk about vineyard trends on Long Island.

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What a great vineyard! And what a great perspective in the photo! I love it!

KaysWay said...

I think vineyards are great subjects for photos. I thinks it's the rows that make the photo look interesting.


bobbie said...

I love your dandelion-strewn vineyard! It's beautiful! It's really a great photo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taster 'A', I had a look over at SLG. You have met the challenge of the various images very well.
As an aside it was also noticeable how uniform and perfect the vines and posts that hold it all up look. I am use to seeing the vineyards of Tuscany where we holiday most years. Quite different and nothing uniform about it all.

Eve said...

Well, it makes for a pretty picture Steve!

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