Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The harbor was calm last night.

The Princess Laura was headed out as the sun set in the west shining on her hull.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Living on Gloucester Harbor has given me a profound sense on how different each moment is. Each day is different, each week shows changes. Even hour to hour the harbor is different.

I’m a mountain man. When I was forced by the economics in Colorado to leave my beloved Rocky Mountains, I promised B that I would get her to the coast. This is the first time that I have lived on the ocean. Each day I have grown to learn how the sea changes. Sometimes Old Man Sea is a kind sole, sometimes he’s nasty and short tempered.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Last night, Old Man Sea was an artist, painting the harbor with the pastels of the sunset, Tenpound Island in the foreground and Dogbar Breakwater light in the background. Off to the right, about ten miles out is a freighter with a gull flying over head.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

This is the time of day when I stop and unwind. I may have to scamper to find a camera because these moments are so ephemeral.


The Early Birder said...

I'm also a 'country boy' but I can understand your feelings for the sea in all its guises through your photos. Thanks Steve. FAB

NCmountainwoman said...

Old Man Sea is indeed quite an artist. Lovely colors, great photographs. If I ever left the mountains, it would be for the coast. The sounds and the scenery are ever changing there.

Craig Glenn said...


I was telling my girlfriend, Maureen, about your blog and sharing your photo's with her. She is from NJ. She asked me if you had a photo of the old man and the sea or something like that. So we looked it up and decided it was "the man at the wheel".

I ran through your post and didn't see it. Did I miss it?

BTW, Loved todays post. the contrast of the sky and sea are awesome.


Steve B said...

Hi Craig, Old Man Sea is just the ocean. Gloucester is famous for the Fisherman's Statue otherwise known as The Man at the Wheel. I have a few photos. Thanks for bringing Maureen along. Hi Maureen!

Yup MountainWoman, I never though I'd leave the Rockys. Yet here I am and I might as well live some place fun and interesting.

Hi Frank, I was a little late posting today. Glad that the photos make an impression.

Kelly said...

...a wonderful post. I enjoyed the photos and your descriptions. Beautiful!!!

Tabib said...

Awesome seascape pics, love the colours and compositions.

I thought the last image was taken with wide-angle lenses, but all with that 300mm.

Jay Albert said...

Great pics Steve! That freighter is actually a LNG tanker.Something that will be an ever present scene now.... thanks to the two LNG terminals now offshore.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic images as always Steve. If not your main one, I think you should have a 'back up' camera on you person at all times. You get some amazing scenes.

A New England Life said...

Being that you come from a landlocked area, you and B are very fortunate to live someplace near the ocean that is so rich in history and beauty. How great that you can appreciate it too.

Incredible views! Something most people will never see.

Steve B said...

Thanks Jay, I got up then next morning and saw it was still there. Usually the freighters move along fairly well. I'm glad to know what I'm looking at.

Hey Kelly, Glad you stopped by.
Tabib, Ya, I hand held this shot at 300mm. I held the camera up to a post for a little stability.

Hi Roy, I do have a back-up camera, it's a Nikon D-80 too. I've toyed with the idea of picking up a newer point-and-shoot to keep in the pocket...

Hi Sharon, yes, this is totally different than Colorado!

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