Thursday, January 1, 2009

Steve B’s got a headache, Pigeon Point Light Station.

Pideon Point Light Station. © 2009 ShootingMyUniverse

It is the first day of the New Year. I’ve got a headache but isn't what you think. B and I were in San Jose’ and caught the red-eye last night. We were at the San Francisco airport at 10:00 pm and boarded the plan at 11:00. By 11:35 we were in the air. I pretended to sleep through the first movie. Since the second movie was Bottle Shock and being a wine blogger, I had to watch it, sacrificing any hope of getting any shut-eye.

The movie ended and I pretended to sleep again. We hit a bump and I looked out the window. The sun was about to rise over the New York, Massachusetts boarder. We crossed the Hudson River and then the Connecticut River. I knew exactly where I was.

Massachusetts was getting a snow storm as we boarded in San Francisco. The weather called for clear and bitter cold. Looking out the window was a band of red brushing through the frozen mist over a pristine white, clean snow covered landscape. We passed by Mount Wachusett. It was beautiful, as the sun cut the tops of the high points with a beam of red and gold. Where was my camera? Stowed away. B was sleeping and I didn’t see any sense in waking her. The pictures would have been taken through a plane window and jet exhaust. Sorry, I failed my readers.

The approach was bumpy with 25mph winds out of the north-west and temperatures in the single digits. We touched down and got our bags just as the shuttle left the terminal. It would be another hour before the next one arrived. Will the car start when we get there? It did. We were home by 10:00am.

After shoveling out, having some lunch and doing some more shoveling, the bedroom was flooded with the winter sunlight. It was warm and toasty. I took a nap. Four hours later, I woke up. As is typical after a long, deep afternoon nap, I have a splitting headache. It's just like a hangover without the booze.

We had a great trip. I saw some of my old friends, some I have not seen in years…Pacific Loons, Black Phoebes, Sea Lions, an Elephant Seal, Heerman’s Gulls and Clarks and Western Grebes. And a few more surprises that I’ll share with you in the coming days.

Pigeon Point Light. © 2009 ShootingMyUniverse

In light of this, no pun intended, I wish to guide you into a New Year with Pigeon Point Light Station located on California Highway 1, 20 miles south of Half Moon Bay and 27 miles north of Santa Cruz.

© 2009 ShootingMyUniverse

What is really nice about this light is that it still sports its first-order Fresnel lens, comprised of 1,008 prisms. The lens stands 16 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter, and weighs 8,000 pounds. Although the lens is not in use, is sure is pretty up there.

Happy New Year. I’m glad to have you as a visitor. I wish you the best in this New Year with much happiness and prosperity.


Kallen305 said...

Lovely pictures! I bet there was a dramatic change in temperature in California vs. Massachusetts.

I am sure the pictures you would have taken wouldn't have come out as well as you would have liked to due to the plane exhaust which is only worse in cold weather so it's just as well. Your sunrise/set pictures more than make up for it. ;o).

Happy New Year to you and your famiily.

A New England Life said...

Great old light house! And the original lens too. It looks like there's even a lightening rod on the top! That must have been something to see, and photograph.

Glad you and B had a safe trip home, but that red eye has to be brutal. I've never done it but my husband and girls did when they went to and from Colorado. They said they would never do it again.

Can't wait to see some of what you've brought home! Looking forward to seeing many more beautiful images of yours in 2009. Speaking of such, I see you discover Ivars blog too. He has some amazing photographs!


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I always have a headache at the end of a flight as I cannot sleep on a plane. At one stage the flight to the USA was 25 hours but now it is 18 on the more direct route.

I am pleased to hear you and B have had a great holiday Steve.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photographs with us. I am so glad you contacted me to link our pages.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Fantastic lighthouse... wonderful details and clarity.
Nice to see these, regardless if it works or not, I just don't see them out here in the mountains.
This one is a beaut!
Great photography.

Happy New Year!

Eve said...

Wonderful Steve. When I saw this lighthouse before I knew where it was I thought that it didn't seem to fit the Mass quality!!! Too much Rust!!! Silly me! I can't wait to see the posts to come.
I had a headache too but mine was neither drink nor flight!! Just a migrane giving me a hard time!
I'm glad I found your blog for sure!

Steve B said...

Hi Kim. I expected some cold weather so I packed some warm gloves in my carry-on. I wasn't expecting 5F with wind...Brrrr!

Hi Sharon, yeah, Ivar has gotten the snow photography nailed down. I guess he gets a lot of practice. He has some great images. He is also one of the “Blog of Note” on Blogger.

25 hours in a cigar tube...oi! Joan. I'd have a head ache, back ache, locked knees...

Hi Michele, the lighthouse still is used for navigation, but I've never see it at night to know what they are doing with it. Interestingly enough, the ironwork looks very much like our east coast lights.

Hi Eve, I'm resisting temptation to throw the whole trip into one post!

I think the problem may be who is maintaining the lighthouse. This one is run by CA State Parks. As with all iron structures by the sea, you got to stay on the maintenance or you will be left with little bits of ruddy hunks of metal.

Our Gloucester lights are run by the Coast Guard and they do a pretty good job. Here they are working on Tenpound light last summer.

Kerri said...

Oh, it possible that a Lighthouse can bring tears to my eyes?? Yes, it is!! These shots are SOOOOOOO Beautiful! I don't know what it is....but I have such a LOVE for lighthouses. I don't get to see them very often at all....I am so happy that you post them here!!

Glad you arrived home safely!!

Anonymous said...

It was a lot of fun sharing those moments at Pigeon Point and beyond. Look forward to the next time!


Steve B said...

Hi Kerri, I think that lighthouses have a universal appeal. I appreciate your comment.

Hi Bob, We will do it again, real soon. So glad you came along.

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