Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow on Tenpound Island and our Mockingbird

We got a touch of snow here Sunday Night. I've been a little behind on the photography, working hard on putting together a presentation for the Guerilla Art Show. Please accept this humble offering.

I have to say this Mockingbird has lots of moxie. Sunday, when the storm was raging, I saw it fly out of nowhere and hop on top of his bush. Then a flock of Starlings came in and he chased every one of them off his turf. Good of him.

He is tolerant of Song Sparrows, House Finches and House Sparrows but dislikes anything that will take his berries.


Kerri said...

Humble offerering??? These are FABULOUS! That first one could be a post card!!
LOVE the mockingbird too! They are quite the characters!

A New England Life said...

How very nice Steve. Just enough snow to make things fresh and clean looking.

Gotta love the Mockingbird! They are tough! We have a resident Mock here as well. So far he and the resident Robin tolerate each other, but believe it or not the Robin rules the crabapple tree and chases the Mockingbird. Rather unexpected.

Love his talons and he looks beautiful against the white snow and blue sky.

Eve said...

Can't get enough of Tenpound Island...although it reminds me of how much weight I would like to lose!! Love Moxie...I've expressing my love of naming the critters I get to know. I had a Mockingbird here one year...rare for my area, and he stayed until January...very rare. Don't ask me what I named him...I don't think I did! Now I feel bad about that!!

John Theberge said...

Great shot of the mockingbird, love the background.

Jenny said...

That looks like a great place Steve, can you get out to it easily? I love that fiesty Mocker too, lovely composition I think.

Steve B said...

Hi Jenny, Tenpound is more or less in the center of Gloucester Harbor and is visited by small craft. It is a breading spot for Great Balck-backed Gulls.

Thanks John, I'm happy with the way the colors were captured.

Hi Eve, glad you like Tenpound Island as much as I like shooting it.

Hi Sharon, Mockingbirds can be fearse! I've seen them take on dogs, cats and humans! This one seems to be real laid back, but we'll see come nesting season.

Thanks Kerri. Sometimes I think I over publish Tenpound Island. But every day when I wake up, I take a look over the harbor and she tells me what the weather is like.

NCmountainwoman said...

You go, Mr. Mockingbird. Don't let anyone mess around with your berries.

Nice photos!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I would hate someone qaround who pinched my food too!! LOL!!

Marvin said...

The shot of Tenpound Island makes it look SO COLD. Great capture.

Way to go mockingbird!

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