Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are you going to eat all that?

When it comes to gull etiquette, I’m not sure if it is “There is no honor amongst thieves.” Or is it “What goes around comes around.” I saw some weird motion out the kitchen window and saw this Great Black-backed bull with a flounder in it’s mouth being harassed by a younger Great Black-backed gull.

He was getting very tired from wrangling this large food item and keeping it away from the youngster.

I don’t know what happened after they took off. These are very powerful, masters of the wind, but weighted down, this adult couldn’t get very far.


John Theberge said...

Interesting set of photos. I wonder where the gull got the flounder, I didn't think gulls fished?

Eve said...

Wow would have love to seen him tackle that brute! Hope he didn't swallow it whole!
Steve I didn't get any pictures yesterday but witnessed a Northern Shrike trying to catch a chickadee. It was amazing and you would have loved it. The shrike would hover and dive down into the buckthorn and hawthorn bushes where the chickadee was dashing around to get away. The Shrike would loose him and hover until he found him and dive again. I was looking out my window but couldnt get to the camera and also it was too far. I'll keep watching...maybe I'll be able to get pictures at some point.

Steve B said...

Hi John, I wondered this myself. He may have stolen it from one of the fish wharfs here or he may have pulled it from a trawler's net. Sometimes the odd fish gets left behind. One thing for sure, flounders are bottom dwellers. He didn't get this fish on his own.

I watched a Great Black-back pull in a little ray from fifty yards of shore. That was a struggle.

Wow Eve, I've never heard of a shrike taking on a chickadee, but it makes sense. That has to be a lot of work for the shrike.

The gulls will tear off bits of flesh. This guy's problem is to find a quiet spot to have his meal.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Awesome series of photos... it was amusing to watch these duo. I was wondering if the little guy was going to get any of that... guess not! =)

Tabib said...

Amazing!, you got this action from your kitchen window.

Stacey Huston said...

Great shots Steve.. what a cool thing to wittness. I picked up your photo yesterday and will be going to the postoffice tomorrow or the next day (we live 40 miles from town.. so have to combine trips) I hope you like...Just wanted to let you know I didn't forget...catch you later..

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Gulls are always scrapping over food it seems. Your pics tell a great story.

A New England Life said...

My gosh, I had no idea a gull would eat a flounder like that! Amazing photo! I would be so thrilled to see this in person.

Yes, the seagulls surely have very poor table manners.

Steve B said...

Hi Michele, good to see you stop by again.

Yes Tabib, I have a rather unique kitchen window. I don't get the cool feeder birds most folks do, but I get by.

Thanks Stacy, I'm glad you didn't drive all the way into town just for me! I got your email and will be delighted when it arrives.

Joan, I've seen some gulls really "get into it" when it comes for food. Sometimes it is funny, one will steal the food and then he gets chased by others, only to go hungry. On and on and on!

Hi Sharon, I would expect that this founder would fill this guy if he got a chance to settle down and tear into it. He'll get his fill and then let someone else have a go.

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