Monday, December 8, 2008

Out my kitchen window

Common Eider. © 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

I read a lot of photo blogs where folks have feeders outside of their kitchen windows and they get the coolest birds. Well, living in town, I don't get the cool feeder birds, but I do have some nice kitchen window birds. This is one of my favorite birds that I have outside my kitchen window year round.

P.S. I forgot the important part...this is a Common Eider.


Eve said...

You know Steve we are all lucky in our own special ways...and you have some really good luck here!
What a great kitchen window bird!!

Kallen305 said...

Lucky you for living right on the shore. The water looks so blue and I love the shot of the bird. What kind of bird is that?

Very nice kitchen window view. Looking at the ocean every morning whenI would up would make me happy indeed!

NCmountainwoman said...

I first saw Eiders while in Bar Harbor, Maine and I've loved them ever since. Lovely view from your window. Thanks for sharing.

Steve B said...

I know Eve, It's pretty cool. I get harbor seals in my front yard! Hopefully Billy Idol will be back. That is what my wife named this Long-tailed duck that was hanging about in winter plumage.

I would imagine Bah-habah would be a great place for Common Eiders. They are cool ducks. They are social, get a long real well and hang out. They are always looking like they enjoy hanging around Gloucester.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That is NOT fair Steve!! I don't have such a beautiful sight outside MY kitchen window!! I am sulking!! LOL!!

A New England Life said...

I know you said you live in town but is there water outside your kitchen window Steve? I've been meaning to ask you, do you have Buffleheads down there?

When I worked at an Inn in York, Me. there was an inlet out in front where the Buffleheads and Mallards would hang out. I keep saying I'm going back up there to photograph them but time gets away from me.


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