Sunday, December 28, 2008

Herring Gulls litter Gloucester

© 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

After getting pounded by the weather, the gulls were happy to see blue skies and low tide.

© 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

That is when they go looking for mussels. All over Gloucester, you will see mussels in parking lots, on docks, on flat rooftops and in the streets. The gulls have learned that they can get into clams and mussels by dropping them.

© 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

This is the first time I’ve actually been able to capture this behavior.

© 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

Easy-peasy gulls: Photo 1, 3 and 4 are a second winter Herring Gull. Photo 2 is an adult winter Herring Gull.


Mary said...

What fun! Beautiful sky...


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a great set of pics showing this behavour Steve. Excellent!! You have to wonder where they learnt it? Was it by accident or was this way of opening them an instinct born in them from the begining?

Kallen305 said...

Great pictures. I especiallly like the last one!

Rachel said...

Sounds crunchy Steve!! Great captures!

Steve B said...

Thanks Mary. It was crisp and cold with the sun directly behind me. This gives the best conditions for photographing blue skies without a polarizer. I also threw in the photo with Gloucester in the background. It is against the rules, but sometimes I just want to show the area.
Hi Joan, Gulls are funny. Sometimes it is monkey-see-monkey-do.

Hi Kim, The last one is my favorite too. I'm so happy this one came out.

Hi Rachel, Glad you stopped by to say hello!

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