Friday, December 5, 2008

Forgotten Photo Friday, No Hotel on "The Fort"

There is a little war going on in Gloucester seeded by a small minority of the “forward thinking” city planners and the Mayor. The Commercial Street/Fort Square area is up for rezoning. At the center of the matter is the original Birdseye plant. It has been put up for sale with the intention of attracting money for a large Marriott hotel.

© 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

Some would say that the issues are complex. I don’t see them as complex at all. It is very simple. Commercial Street is a marine industrial district. Fort Square is a blend of 19th century homes and marine industry. Both of these current uses are incompatible with the hotel industry. It ain’t rocket science. When people act in such a short sighted fashion in rocket science, bad things happen. Such is true with this national resource know as Gloucester.

On of the several small business that would be disrupted on The Fort. © 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

Gloucester is a deep harbor, meaning big boats can come and go. It is a great port to weather a storm. It is uniquely situated near prime fishing banks and marine sanctuaries. “The Fort” is unique in that it has been a location of fish processing, ice manufacturing and packing for centuries. These activities are incompatible with hotels. There are 18 wheelers, fork lifts, boats, delivery trucks and large refrigeration compressors operating in on The Fort at all hours. Not to mention that there is a smell of the industry. Come on, what are they thinking? Push all marine industry out of the area? Say it ain’t so.

The residential section of Fort Square. © 2008 ShootingMyUniverse

Sure, Gloucester could use a year round hotel. But on The Fort? I don't think so.


~Laura~ said...

I couldn't agree with you more Steve. What are they thinking? What about traffic in that small industrial area?

Kallen305 said...

I am really loving all of the photos you are taking of Glousester. I had forgotten about how beautiful it can be until I started visiting your blog.

The first photo w/ the seagull is my favorite.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You sometimes wonder where their brains are situated?? A great write-up and pictures Steve.

Eve said...

Hopefully they will figure it out Steve...may need a little help from the smart people in town!!
Fight the good fight!

John Theberge said...

Just what the world needs, another Marriot hotel.

Steve B said...

Well, the thing is...the Mayor and the gal running the city planning are "trying to start a dialog" by railroading a major hotel into this. But the zoning really isn't just limited to hotels, but will open the door to condos. It's like John C. Riley says in the clip, folks want to come to Gloucester because it is Gloucester. Screw that up, and it buggered for ever.

We are not opposed to a hotel in Gloucester, we want something suitable, such as marine research.

A New England Life said...

Such is the way of New England life. I see it all around us. Our own town has fought the sprawl as well and it sure wasn't easy, but we were actually able to keep Walmart OUT. They weren't too happy about that.

I hope the citizens of Gloucester turn out in great #'s at the town meetings. Keep us updated.


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