Thursday, November 20, 2008

Choate Bridge

The Choate Bridge was built in 1764 in Ipswich Massachusetts and is reported to be the oldest stone arch bridge in America. I found this vantage point last Sunday. I’ll be coming back here in subsequent seasons.

(c)2008 ShootinMyUniverse


Denise said...

Wonderful photo of a very beautiful old bridge. Hard to imagine horses and carts being driven over it instead of vehicles.

Eve said...

That is a very good spot Steve. What a beautiful bridge. Built to last! I would love to be able to time travel, wouldn't you???!

Steve B said...

Yes Denise, if this bridge could only talk.
Eve, this is a great spot and righ by where my wife works. I is right next door to where I took the Fall village color pictures from. I could kick myself for not catching the fall colors or the summer greens!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A wonderful old bridge Steve. They always somehow remind me of the times of knights in armor for some reason.:)

John Theberge said...

Almost 250 years old and it's still going strong, things were well built back then. Look forward to seeing this bridge in other seasons.

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