Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dogtown and Wine Blogging Wednesday #50

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Click to Enlarge (c)2008 SmellsLikeGrapeFor those reading in on Shooting My Universe, Wine Blogging Wednesday is a monthly tradition where wine bloggers all over the world blog on the same topic. Our WBW host this month Russ, from Winehiker Wititculture wants us to come up with a hike and a matching wine for this month's Wine Blogging Wednesday.

Click to Enlarge (c)2008 SmellsLikeGrapeOn Harry Chapin’s first album Heads and Tails, he had a song Dogtown. Dogtown is an actual location in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Harry liked to write songs that told stories. Taxi, Cat’s in the Cradle, Mr. Tanner, Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas just to name a couple.

Well, Dogtown is a song about a woman who is widowed in Gloucester and it gives a little history about the area. I didn't understand the song when I first heard it, but when I rediscovered it after moving to Gloucester, I had an epiphany.

Click to Enlarge (c)2008 SmellsLikeGrapeToday, Dogtown is set aside for a watershed and for hiking, horseback riding and biking. You can read about this interesting chunk of land on the Dogtown Massachusetts page at

During the depression, a man named Roger Babson commissioned out of work stone cutters to carve inscriptions in rocks in Dogtown. These have become known as Babson Rocks.

I’m still clearing out the effects of the flu that hit me last Friday. My sensory capabilities are not up to speed yet. I had a wonderful Heitz wine picked out for this posting, but we’re saving it for when my nose isn’t in a sling and my tongue isn’t on crutches. I do have a wine that I bought two bottles of last January. I’m going to have a glass while I sort through some photos I took in Dogtown.

Domaine Le Pigeonnier 2005
Côtes du Rhône
Alcohol: 13%
Price: $9.29
Color: Deep Ruby-Purple
Grapes: Grenache, Syrah,

You can read about Domaine Le Pigeonnier 2005 on our earler post.


SAPhotographs said...

Hmmm!! Lovely wine, pictures and information Steve. Hope you are feeling better soon.

John Theberge said...

Nice shot of the leaf on the lichen on the rock. I like the messages carved into those rocks too.

John Theberge said...

Nice shot of the leaf on the lichen on the rock. I like the messages carved into those rocks too.

A New England Life said...

I'm headed over to Wikipedia next!

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