Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Annisquam Light II

It was a rainy day today. The sun was shining when I left work giving me hope of making some foliage pictures. When I arrived home, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door for a walk around Gloucester. It started to rain again.

I had a brief conversation with a neighbor, “Nice day”, “Yup, looks nicer over there”. The sun was shining to the east, there was a wall cloud coming from the south bringing rain. “Yup, welcome to New England”.

Looking at the cloud coming in, I though I’d hop into the car and head up to Rockport. By the time I arrived was raining up there too, but I could see a nice sunset developing to the east so I drove up to Pigeon Cove and down to Lanesville and headed over to Annisquam Light which faces west. The sunset was in full swing.

(c)2008 ShootingMyUniverse

(c)2008 ShootingMyUniverse


John Theberge said...

It was worth the drive, these are beautiful sunset photos, especially the first one.

SAPhotographs said...

I love these Steve. The shade are so soft and suttle.

PaulaO said...

Wow! You've done it again. Gorgeous colors and light. Thanks.

Steve B said...

Thanks folks. I did see another shutter-bug out there too. I hope to see his work some day. We were shooting from different positions. It would really be cool to see what he came up with.

Kathleen Valentine said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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