Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Ann's Eyes", Thacher Island Twin Lights

The Thacher Island Lights as viewed from Rockport, Massachusetts. Standing one hundred and sixty feet above the sea, the twin lighthouses of Thacher Island have stood guard over the coasts of Cape Ann ,Massachusetts , since 1771. Although Rockport is know for its granite quarries, the granite for these lights came from New Hampshire. Naturally, this did not set well with the locals.

The North Light Tower

The South Light Tower


EasyDiverChris said...

Those are lovely shots of Thacher's Island. Were you on a boat, or do you have a powerful telephoto lens and shoot from Loblolly Cove's rocky shore?

Steve B said...

The photos were taken from Loblolly Point. This is a long shot, about a half mile or so. The time of day was perfect as I'm looking east with the sun reflecting off the island.

I was packing a 70 to 300mm, but I wish I brought along the 18 to 200mm.

I definitely used a tripod. I would rather keep the ISO low and use the camera's self timer than sacrifice image quality. I don’t have a remote shutter release…yet. Even with a tripod, I like to use the timer. Even with Vibration Reduction, it makes a huge difference in low light conditions.

The other advantage of the tripod and self timer is that you can swat misquitos with both hands!

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