Saturday, February 24, 2018

Brown Pelicans looking for a snack

Two weeks ago I was called down to town on a very short notice to help out and unfortunately I didn’t have time to set up posts. Due to the commitment ahead, it was obvious that there wouldn’t be time for photography, so the gear remains stowed in Ipswich.

Becky and I got out for a little walk this morning. She mentioned how polite the pelicans are. They are patiently waiting for some gurry. Gurry is one of those cool words that I learned up in Gloucester. It means fishing offal.

Next time I come down, I’ll bring some of my gear. This was taken with my cell phone.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

I am done being reasonable, Big Pharma

I must apologize to my regulars, especially those that have been coming here for almost 10 years now. This is normally a photo blog. I go out, shot some pictures and post them. The idea is just to share some images from my environment and to bring awareness of some of the beauty and diversity that I encounter in my life and travels. This is what I do to relax.

Today I find that my attention is distracted by yet another mass shooting and the media stupidly asking “Wha?” Well, there are some parts of my life that I have kept separate from my readers because that side of my life is not a fun topic. There is great beauty and wonder in this world. Unfortunately, there are some very dark forces at work and I have been a long time supporter of organizations that have been trying to contain the psychotic behavior of a very tiny few people on this planet that are making harder for those of us that love life and want people to flourish and prosper. These are the pharmaceutical companies, Big Pharma.
So my apologies. Today is not a post of something wonderful about this planet. It is about mass shootings and the basis for their occurrence.

Six degrees of Separation
I have lived in Jefferson County, Colorado. I had friends that had children in Columbine High during the shooting.

I have watched movies in Arora Colorado, the very same theater where there was a mass shooting.

I have a friend from Newton CT (Sandy Hook Elementary) and listened to his story of shock and story of dismay about how something like this could happen in his sleepy neighborhood.

I also have a co-worker who recounted to me his niece’s horrific experience in Las Vegas during that shooting.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These incidents are not new and did not start with Columbine. They have been going on for a while and investigations show that when you look, you will always find antidepressants. It goes right back to John Hinkley loading up on Valium just before he tried to assassinate Ronald Regan.
Columbine mass-killer Eric Harris was taking Luvox. (He was also under heavy psychiatric influence, but that is whole other level of evil not separate from pharma.) “Black Box Warnings” are the FDA’s highest level of warning that must be included with a dangerous drug.
Luvox Black Box Warning
Aurora shooter James Holmes was taking Sertraline which is the generic name for Zoloft, an SSRI antidepressant. He was also taking Clonazepam which is the generic name for Klonopin, a benzodiazepine. Most people are familiar with Zoloft, perhaps many are not so familiar with Klonopin.
Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had been treated with Lexapro and Celexa. These antidepressants remain stored in fat cells and can produce “flashbacks”.
Most recently while driving to work I heard on the radio that the LA Times had reported that Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter had antidepressants in his urine. The amount was considered “insignificant” and the news piece kept downplaying…and downplaying the drug to the point where I thought, “Who the hell wrote that copy?” That is when my blood pressure started to rise. I have lists of mass shooters correlated with the antidepressants they were taking going back to the 80s. These are not isolated incidents nor am I shocked that antidepressants were found. In fact, I expected it. What shocked me was that they reported it on public media!

Here is what the LA Times article says: “Stephen Paddock was overweight, had some anti-anxiety medication in his urine, and suffered from the usual wear and tear that comes with aging.” It continues with, “The autopsy showed Paddock to be physically an otherwise unremarkable 64-year-old man. He was balding. His teeth were in poor condition. He suffered from hemorrhoids.” So the LA Times equates that the shooter was on antidepressants (which has a 1:1 correlation with other violent murder incidents) with the fact that he had hemorrhoids.  Excellent investigative journalism, LA Times!
On 29 January, 2018, President Trump swore in Alex Alzar.
  Trum and AlzarJPG
So who is Alzar?
Just another pharmaceutical stooge and former president of Eli Lilly and Company USA. Do not look to the media for the WHY behind these shootings. They get a LOT of Big Pharma advertising dollars. Expect downplayed articles, side notes and obfuscation.  Forget the HHS. The fox is guarding the henhouse. President Trump, this is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is about evil people making money by making people sick. Keep your thumb on Azar.
Eli Lilly, heroin
Although gun control is an important debate, with respect to Big Pharma, it is a welcome diversion to keep us focused away from their mind altering drugs. The real evil is that the phama companies are 100% fully aware of what is going on, are prepared to pay settlements to victim’s families while they are rolling in the do-re-mi. They have a massive lobby force in Washington and and are bullshitting medical doctors into prescribing their poisons. (Oh, the medical schools get a lot of funding from Big Pharma.)

If you made it this far, they I may have ruined your day. I apologize. If you have been coming here over the years, then you know that is 180 degrees from what I try to do here. But I have heard one too many news reports that do not connect the dots. I only ask that you learn about what is going on with the drug industry because if you are aware of the problem, then it will lessen the chance that you will victim to psychiatric drug manipulation.

People deserve help when they ask for it. They do not deserve to have their lives ruined by mind altering drugs. And we do not need to be in fear when we go to the movies and people should not fear sending their children to school. I suggest you start with, an organization dedicated to bring sanity to the mental health industry.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Forgotten Photo Friday, Dainty Sulphurs

These are not my best bug shots, but sometimes I shoot first and ask questions later. I found this tiny butterfly in Palm Spring, Cali. It was fairly energetic and I thought that I should just be happy to get a couple of frames.
I identified it at home and it turns out to be a Dainty Sulphur. Something was sticking my attention.
©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky
Sure enough, I found in my archives this picture of a Dainty Sulphur from April 2016. The bug above is a winter version and the bug below is a summer version. Go figure. One was in the winter in the desert and the other was in the spring in the tropics!
©2016 Steve Borichevsky

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

White-crowned Sparrows

A very common winter sparrow in the Palm Springs area is the White-crowned Sparrow.

©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Bird and the Bee

Well, its not really a bee, but you get the idea. This is a Red-naped Sapsucker I came upon in Whitewater, California. Sapsuckers will peck holes in the bark of trees and feed off of the sap and the bugs. This Sapsucker was not too pleased to have this usurper want-to-be coming onto his tree trunk. The Sapsucker gingerly urged the the wasp to move along.©2018 Steve Borichevsky

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Black-throated Sparrow

You can find this sparrow in the western deserts. These were found near Palm Springs, California.

©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky©2018 Steve Borichevsky

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