Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

I have a cell phone app that gives me a life feed from the International Space Station. It allows me to capture images from the feed. I suppose that makes me a far out photographer. It’s is one of the doodle-daddle things I might do in the middle of the night if I cannot sleep.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
I got lucky one day and caught the full moon rising as the sun was setting on the ISS.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
Below is a series of shots of a sunrise on the ISS
The Earth’s radius is 6375 km.©2017 Steve Borichevsky
That is 3961 miles.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
The sunlight is starting to refract to the right of the image.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
The sun starts to appear over the horizon.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
Notice how thin the atmosphere is. If the earth were the size of an apple, the atmosphere would be much thinner than the skin.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
It is not infinately thick.©2017 Steve BorichevskyDid you know that the optimum amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 3 parts in ten thousand?©2017 Steve Borichevsky
Less than that and the atmosphere would tend towards an ice age.
©2017 Steve Borichevsky
More than 6 CO2 molecules in 10,000 and we may not be able to stop the heating trend. 
©2017 Steve Borichevsky

We were at about 2.7 CO2 molecules in 1700.
Today we are at 4.75 and climbing.
Good Science and Engineering can fix this trend.
As long as they are not mouth pieces for the fossil fuel companies.


Carol Mattingly said...

Fantastic Steve. You're amazing. Carol

The Furry Gnome said...

Spectacular pictures!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Thanks Carol and Fury Gnome. This was a little bit of a departure from what I usually do.

Roy Norris said...

Simply quite amazing Steve.

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