Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blue-winged Teal

I found a pair of Blue-winged Teal in a small park at the end of Park Street in downtown Clearwater, Florida. The first couple of times that I would find them, they would give me the stink eye and paddle off. On this day, they were quite at ease with me and I managed to get a couple of shots. It was a real treat to spend a little time with this couple.
©2015 Steve Borichevsky
©2015 Steve Borichevsky
When I returned from Florida a few weeks back and was traumatized to find that Live Writer’s communication to Blogger was busted. Using the Blogger interface horribly disrupted my work flow.
I found that a group of developers are writing an open source version of Live Writer. You can download it at Open Live Writer.

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Johnny Nutcase said...

Nice ones! They were definitely obliging!

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