Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stalking the Canyon Wren

I have a little arroyo that leads up to a canyon that I like to walk around in Palm Springs. Driving by, it seems to be fairly non-descript, but I always take good photos there. Across the canyon, I saw a wren pop out on the rocks. I took this shot to confirm that I was looking at a Canyon Wren.  Sure enough, but it was over there on the opposite side and climbing down the canyon into the arroyo and back over to chase a bird didn’t seem to be like a productive way to spend my time. I decided to just enjoy watching it for a while and then went about my business.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

The next day I decided to walk up the arroyo into the canyon. It was a longshot because I don’t normally see Canyon Wrens in that area. But why not? After all, I was on vacation. So up the canyon I went.

I did find the bird further up the canyon then where I found him the previous day. It went up on the wall where I was the day before. I was able to get on the bird and from the observations that I made the day before, I could predict what it was going to do and get some good shots. So when he jumped down into rock piles to forage for bugs, I set myself up for when it would come up again.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

The next three images illustrate this bird’s behavior. It would look for something tasty in the boulders and then it would hop up on a rock. It would bob, turn and chirp a couple of times and then jump back into the rocks.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

Here is another sequence of its display.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky©2014 Steve Borichevsky

I am going to round off this post with a couple more portraits.

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

©2014 Steve Borichevsky

Sorry that this post is a bit long, but I put two hours into getting these photos! And what a treat. If you have never heard a Canyon Wren sing in a large canyon, then I would encourage you to listen to the call.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Awesome pictures of that wren!

eileeninmd said...

Steve, gorgeous series of photos.. It is a cute wren!

Margaret Adamson said...

What a beautiful stream lined bird.. Great shot

Frank said...

An excellent series of images Steve. It has a very distinctive liquid song ... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love wrens. These are great captures.

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