Saturday, October 12, 2013

The photo I’ve always wanted to take

Last July, I took you to the Bridge at the Green in Arlington, Vermont. There was just too much activity around the church and the angle just wasn’t right to get the shot that I’ve been envisioning for so many decades. This is how I envision this location. The bridge with the church in the background. It’s the quintessential New England scene. Well, I got as close as I think I’m going to get!

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

The water was much lower so I could take a shot along the Batten Kill.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

It was quite a fun photo shoot. But like minds think alike and there were other’s out looking for quintessential New England scenes. I met a couple from New Jersey. We chatted as I was setting up for the first shot.

Later, as I was packing my bags, two couples traveling together from Kansan arrived. Well, me being me started chatting with them, “Where you from?” “Kansas.” I just had to say it. It’s like one of those things that just pop out of my mouth. I’ll be you’re thinking you know what I was about to say and yes I said it. “You’re not in Kansas anymore, but I bet you’ve been hearing that a lot on this trip.” “Yah, we do.” And we started to discuss the details of their trip and they had questions.

I was happy to dredge out data that I knew about the area from some 25-30 years ago. They were heading up to the Stowe area and thought about going into the heart of the state and take Rt 100 north. They asked me the best way to get to 100 from our present location. Well, that was like asking me where did I put my marbles when I was six years old, and Lord knows I lost them a long time ago.

My mind immediately though about picking up 100 along Rt 9 outside of Marlboro along road I took to get me where I was. But then that would take them a good 60 miles out of their way and get them into Stow at about midnight. So I pulled out my Vermont map. They pointed to Kelly Stand (recall from a couple of days ago?) and said, “we thought about taking this road. Now on the map Kelly Stand will get you to Rt 100 but in reality there is a backhoe reconstructing the road bed was severed by Irene about two miles outside of Sunderland. Thank goodness I had just come from there and of all the back roads in Vermont that exist that I know not what of, I remember Kelly Stand Rd from my youth and what a coincidence that these four people what to take that road.

So we plotted a better route for them to get them to where they were going along 100 and then they asked me if there were any apple orchards in Vermont. Yes…..but my goodness, I haven’t lived in Vermont for thirty years and I was clueless. Now where did I put those marbles?


Roy Norris said...

Lost your marbles Steve, we were sure of it.{:))
It was a good job they bumped into you.

retriever said...

Lovely place, nice shot
Have a nice day Greeting from Belgium
Blog seniorennet.Be Louisette

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

"Honey, wasn't that man nice to give us better directions than what we planned to do?"
"Yes he was once we got past his silly Kansas jokes. These new Englanders are a strange lot I say."

Judy said...

Quintessential is the right word for it...
Now why couldn't you have asked that question, all those years ago, when I was regularly finding marbles in my washing machine!!! I SOOO wanted someone to ask where their marbles were, so I could haul a couple out of my pocket and tell them to quit leaving them in my washer...

Cheri said...

Stunning shots!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Ah, you guys are the best!

damian said...

Interesting bridge :)


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