Saturday, September 28, 2013

Where the hell is Steve today?

This time of year, I get itchy feet. I just cannot sit still. I’m off looking for fresh fall content. It is Saturday morning and I’ve already logged 240 miles.

Yes folks, it is autumn in the Atlantic North East. I’m on the road, fogbound in the Saratoga, New York area. But I’m getting some good images.

It’s is about 10 days too early for the peak foliage, but I had to take a long weekend to burn down my vacation time. Corporate America has found a new way to keep their books looking good. You see, if a company has a lot of vacation pay on the books, it looks bad for tax purposes. So now what they do in set a ceiling on how much vacation one can accumulate. And if you bump into that ceiling, rather than doing the ethical thing and just pay you for it, the don’t let you accrue more time. As a result, I’m maxed out and I’ll be working a four day work week about every two weeks until I take a major vacation. Sweet!

But this has absolutely nothing to do with Jerry Mathers. This is an image from the trailer for The Trouble with Harry, my favorite Hitchcock movie that I blogged about three years ago. I always think about this movie at this time of year. Rent it some time.


Arija said...

Ah, the days of wine and roses and blazing sugar maples! Looks like you'll be practising for retirement with working short weeks.So nice to see that you know how to enjoy yourself on your free days.

Laura. M said...

Beautiful fall! In a few days, Beja will be back as well :))
Have a great weekend.
A kiss.

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