Thursday, September 26, 2013

A hard life for a maple

©2013 Steve BorichevskyThis is one of the maples in our yard. It’s having a hard life. It is growing right on the edge of the salt marsh. It takes the full force of the nor’easters in the winter.

About five to ten years ago, someone tied a cable around the base of the tree and left it there. This would kill most trees, but it is still growing.

I can see that it has had a hard life. The center portion of the tree is dead.

This tree started turning in the middle of August. Much earlier than any other tree. The tree is stressed.

But it survives.

I considered digging the cable out last spring, but I would have done more harm than good. The tree has completely grown around the cable in some parts. Sap will still be able to flow from the roots to the the branches. It bleeds sap in the spring. A good sign.

In another five years, the cable will be completely engulfed into the tree an perhaps it will continue to cope.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky


Roy Norris said...

Its amazing how trees cope with everything thrown at them Steve.
I don't think we are quite ready for your second image just yet.{:))

Laura. M said...

From the two images I prefer the first :))
A kiss from Béjar.Salamanca. Spain

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