Friday, August 30, 2013

Forgotten Photo Friday, Wine Photography

smellslikegrapJust for fun, I dug way deep into the hard drive today. These are photos that I took for our old wine blog, Smells Like Grape. What I really want to point out that I took all of these photos with a PowerShot A70 point-and-shoot and many of those shots went up on SLG straight out of the camera…no Lightroom, no Picasa, no Photoshop…nothing. What’s the point am I really trying to drive home? It’s not the camera that makes an image. It is the photographer.

There is a story behind the photo below. Click the photo to get the back story.


Oh, by the way, I’m really not a Beaujolais fan. I should have put on my glasses before I picked up the bottle.

Ah, I remember setting up this photo. I spent all Saturday afternoon futzing with the angles and getting the reflections under control. Now mind you that I don’t have big shadow boxes, key lights, high lights, strobes or any of that cool stuff. I had a kitchen, a table cloth and a 3MP camera.

Bartholomew Park Merlot with apples and avocado

Below was a post about “Old Reliable”, my favorite cork screw. I freaked one day when I couldn’t find it. No kidding, I went absolutely NUTS! I turned the kitchen upside down. Two days later I still had my attention stuck on it. I decided that I’d apply a little known law in this universe. Call it Steve’s number one law: If it isn’t where is supposed to be, then it is somewhere it is not supposed to be. This is based on the law of the conservation of matter. At this point I was getting desperate. I went digging through the garbage the night before the garbage dude came. It was nasty. I found it. Like they say, and mind you I don’t say it, but “they” say it, “It’s always in the last place I look.” Well, if they would stop and think about it, wouldn’t it be silly to keep looking once you have found it? Just saying. Yah, I always find stuff in the last place I look because I stop looking. Duh.

Now why would I go digging through the garbage for this old cork screw? Well, click on the picture and find out.


A little bit of fun food and a nice pairing with an upstate New York Riesling. Again, shot with a PowerShot A70. Kid you not.



Oonapais 2005. Totally freaking awesome. So isn’t this shot. I used a little LED spot to highlight the bottle. Now that I know a little more about studio photography, I would call these last two low key shots.



So throw your D800s in the trash. You don’t need them. Go get an old school point-and-shoot. I’m serious. Email me, I’ll come and haul your D800 away for you. If you have a 600mm F/2 lens, throw that out too. I’ll come haul that away for you too.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

These are great photos. I recently dug out my little point & click, dusted it off, recharged the battery, tried some different settings and rediscovered its simplicity plus the "perfect" pictures it produces without the need for any post processing. I'm not offering for you to come by and pick up my D90 though. I can see why you were nearly in tears over the loss of that cork screw. It deserves to be displayed in a place of honor, not a kitchen drawer.

Roy Norris said...

The first image is quite amazing Steve.
Many of us strive to take photos up to your standard and are still trying.
Whats it like to be "A Man of advanced Years" anyway.{:))

Frank said...

Can't imagine how 'Old Reliable' got in the trash Steve ... perhaps the result of an exceptionally long tasting session

I agree with you, my Powershot S95 was the best purchase for many years .. just great for close up work.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Hi John,
Yes, the D90 is still a formidable camera. It came out about a month after I bought my D80. Doh!

Well, Roy, Considering the alternative, getting old isn't so bad.

Hi Frank, It turns out that Old Reliable got caught up in one of my wife's kitchen projects and then disappeared!

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