Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Evening Creature Feature, Flying Squirrel

I was checking out on how the Downy Woodpeckers were doing and I noticed a little nose poking out of one of the older holes.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

This is pretty cool since I’ve never seen a flying squirrel before. I can remember first hearing about them when I was a kid and I always wanted to find one. This was my lucky day.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

As an added bonus, I didn’t realize until I got into the dark room that I managed to capture two species in the same photo. This is always great fun. It also is my first dragon fly photo of the year.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

This is a Harlequin Darner.

©2013 Steve Borichevsky

Harlequin Darners and I are good buddies.

1 comment:

Carole M. said...

oh beaut photos Steve. The woodies made such neat holes, so perfect! Then invaded by the little squirrel too. The Harlequin Darner was a good catch also.

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