Friday, June 14, 2013

Forgotten Photo Friday, five years and still going

Yes, I’ve been publishing for five years now. As of today, Shooting My Universe comprises a body of 1908 posts and 6,736 photos. I’ve have made many friends along the way. I’ve seen other blogs come and go, including Smells Like Grape, which got me going in the first place.

The concept behind Smells Like Grape was an account of the wines we were drinking, places to get wine, places to make wine and people to drink wine with. My contribution (beyond drinking the wine) was to add some photographic content. For each and every post I developed a unique concept for the photography. When I look back to 2007 when it all began, I didn’t do too bad with the gear that I had. Seriously, I had a 3.2 Mpx (oooooOOOOooo!) Cannon Powershot A70.

The only photo editing I had at the time was through the view finder. Yes folks, I was loading raw jpg files into the blog so I had to get it right in a point-and-shoot camera.

Later I learned about Picasa, which was pretty wiz-bang. I could sharpen, add some contrast and make some exposure corrections.

It got pretty comical towards the end. This was the typical exchange between Taster A (me) and Taster B (my better half). Taster B, “Honey, diner is ready! Pick out a wine.”

Lobsta[2]Taster A, “Okay.”

Taster B, “Dinner is on the table, where are you?”

Taster A, “Doing a photo shoot, be right there!”

Taster B, “Dinner is ready now!”

Taster A: “Almost done!”, which was a usually a bold faced lie. I usually was still trying to create a concept for the wine. Ah, those were the days. Every wine that I shot had a different look and feel to the picture. Take the lobster to the left. Yah, that was so cool, it made it into the local Cape Ann magazine.

There is a lot of art tied up in wine packaging. Sometimes I would take multiple shots of the label, the setting and the foil. As you can imagine, I had to think fast or eat cold dinner.

Santa Cristina Toscana 2 Apr 08 009Santa Cristina Toscana 2 Apr 08 012

But then I did something bad. I turned the camera towards wildlife. The old point-and-shoot was just too slow. Good pictures were hard to get because with wildlife photography, you want the picture taken at the exact moment you push the button. Not two seconds later.


I was getting frustrated. Becky, tiered of hearing the bitching and complaining, encouraged me to get a big-boy camera. I took the plunge and got a Nikon D80. (Two months later, the D90 was released DOH!)

Armed with two Nikon D80s and Picasa, I was feeling empowered. Wow, I got instant results and I could do my own “dark room” work.

So it was time to wind down the wine blog and ramp up SMU. And that is where you guys come in. A lot of the links I have on the right are blogs that I’ve been with for these five years. I’ve made some additions to the list and some have dropped off. I’ve dropped the Taster A handle and now use my full name. Why not? I run a family friendly site here. My mom reads my blog. It’s all good.

When I was thinking about a concept for my blog’s anniversary, I thought of doing a “best of” post. Well, as I’ve said it before, I’ve subjected my readers to 1908 posts, I’ve got 32066 photos in the library and 6,736 photos published. I’m just one guy.

Well, for the longest time, back when it was easier to keep track of such things, the page that got the most hits was another Forgotten Photo Friday post with a picture of an iguana taken in Sint Maarten. © 2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Thanks for all of the folks that have been with me all these years. I’m still having fun and learning lots along the way. We’ve seen a lot of boats, birds and bugs. We’ve been to China, Spain, Germany and Vermont. We’ve weathered storms and built wind turbines. I’ll see if I can find you something new and different in the future.



France Bessodes said...

Bravo Steve and thank you to share your experiences. I am following you since well two years now and am always interested and learning. I am usually silent but could not resist this time to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you.
France from Quebec, Canada

Steve Borichevsky said...

Thank you, France! I love your city.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Interesting and I enjoyed reading this entry. You got me to wondering about my blog so I checked. I began in July of 2007 but am only now approaching 1000 posts. Now you have me wondering as what if anything I should do to commemorate the event. If you ever have any wine from the Valley of the Moon (Jack London's home area) between Santa Rosa and Sonoma CA., you're in my neighborhood.

Roy Norris said...

Congratulations Steve. I have certainly learned a lot from you over the years about photography. Cheers.

Carol Mattingly said...

Congrats Steve. You inspire us all!

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