Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Evening Creature Feature, Common Green Darner

The Common Green Darner is one of the largest dragonflies that we have here in Massachusetts. It is a whopping 3 inches long. That makes for a pretty big bug.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

They are not uncommon, but sometimes getting a photo is a challenge because they are always on the wing. Every once in a blue moon (yes we had a blue moon last month when I shot this male) they will be resting in the low grasses and weeds.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky©2012 Steve Borichevsky

The male has a green thorax and blue abdomen.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

The female’s abdomen tends towards purple to rusty brown. These female were photographed back in August of 2009.

Dragonfly, Common Green Darner 8-30-2009 8-44-20 AM

Common Green Darner 8-15-2009 9-44-16 AMCommon Green Darner 8-15-2009 9-45-15 AM

The Common Green Darner can be seen from early May through mid November here in Massachusetts.

Common Green Darner 8-15-2009 9-45-52 AM


eileeninmd said...

Amazing photos and a great capture of the dragonfly.

Cheri said...

Amazing shots,but yikes!

Judy said...

I love the bronze eyes!! He is gorgeous!!
Wonder what the fossil dragons would be like - the ones that ere 2 feet across...

John Demostani said...

I am not sure what to think of dragonflies. I think they are beautiful creatures but gross at the same time.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Thanks, Eileen. It's always good to hear from you.

Cheri, Thanks for stopping by. But yikes? Yah, there kind of, well, insecty. But they are harmless. Wasps give me the creeps.

Me too, Judy. I’ll be that they head to keep an eye on the little kids back then!.

Hi John, Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had dragonflies pick off mosquitos buzzing around my head. I’ve gotten by the creepy factor a long time ago.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

It looks like they're wearing aviator glasses. Good captures.

Frank said...

Super views Steve. Similar species to our 'Emperors' ... always on the wing!

Sharon M said...

I love them.

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