Friday, August 17, 2012

Flying from Zurich to Geneva

I finished my work in Haag, took the hour and a half drive back to the Zurich airport and hopped an 8:00 flight to Geneva.
©2012 Steve Borichevsky
It was a great flight, one that I shouldn’t forget for a long time.
©2012 Steve Borichevsky
©2012 Steve Borichevsky
It has come to my attention that the French government has been systematically attacking minority religions, 105 as a matter of fact. My religion is at the top of the list that is targeted. It saddens me that this suppression exists in these enlightened times.
Laws exist in France that state that if any member of a minority religion commits any crime including misdemeanors, entire religion can be banned.

As of this time, it is not safe for me to travel in France. Until the French government stops its bullshit, I will not set foot on any French soil.

Then it was a drive up to Annecy, France. Another long day.
©2012 Steve Borichevsky


WildBlack said...

The view of the Alps is amazing:D


Carol Mattingly said...

Gorgeous. Carol

Liza said...

Beautiful photos! Happy sky watching.

Still Cloudy

Merisi said...


moe lauher said...

Beautiful skies - thanks for sharing. You can see my sky here

Cheri said...

The photos are beautiful, I flew from Amsterdam to Nice through the Alps and I don't think I will ever forget the view.

Judy said...

The photos of the Alps in sunset are magnificent!

ksdoolittle said...


Ingrid said...

How stunning, the Alps jutting above the cloud puff.

'Tsuki said...

Nice flight, terrific pictures...

It is not too skywatching, but I just love the last one : night pictures always turn me on.

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